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There are many different DJ companies out there and now with downloadable tunes and music mixing software everyone seems to be a DJ...or are they? Anyone can play music and claim to be a DJ but what truly makes them a good DJ? There are several things that make Trax stand out from other DJs and DJ companies.

EXPERIENCE is probably the biggest factor in becoming a great DJ. Just like anything practice is required to excel. Trax has been in business over 15 years. All of our DJs have a minimum of 3 years experience as either a club DJ, mobile DJ or a technical diploma in the music industry.

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL DJs This is our career and we take it very seriously by practicing, performing at over 100 gigs a year and keeping our music up to date and ensuring we have the specific music required for each event. Your DJ will know what song to play and when to play it to ensure the best music mix possible. Only years of experience can teach you this.

ENTERTAINER is what a DJ is. Again anyone can press play on a CD player but can they get on the mic and entertain the crowd? A great DJ needs to be able to use his voice to engage the crowd and help build energy. Whether it be just to make announcements or to be fully interactive by playing games with the crowd a DJ needs to be able to grab your attention and ensure you have a great time.

MUSIC is the main component of any party. Trax has spent over 15 years researching and compiling a vast music library as well as staying on top of today's latest hits. Trax DJs know there tunes and how to mix them, again a talent that only a great DJs possess. On average your DJ will have over 6000 songs at an event and we encourage as much input from our clients and guests as possible before and during the event.

PLANNING the perfect event takes time. Trax offers a comprehensive downloadable planning guide to help our clients choose the right music for their event. We also offer a top 200 and top 40 lists to help with your music selections. Exerience has shown us that input from our clients and guests will ensure we have all the music requests required to provide a fun and entertaining event.

EQUIPMENT is essential. Dad's home stereo doesn't cut it today nor does your best friends iPod selection and a speaker. Trax uses only industry standard professional equipment. Each package has a minimum 1000 watts of sound. Each of our DJs uses professional mixing software from Serato or Traktor. On average we are bringing over $8000 worth of equipment to an event including Mackie powered speakers, Numark cd decks, Vestax mixer, Audio Technica cordless mic, Vertigo dance lights, laptop and software. Regular equipment updates ensure the best quality sound.

PROFESSIONALISM is a requirement for our DJs. Proper dress-code, politeness and accommodating client needs is standard. Our Djs are here to serve our clients including all the preplanning of their day of needs. Flexibilty is a quality that our clients enjoy as our DJs are aware things may change along the way. Trax DJs will never lose their cool and will always be courteous and respectful to all guests.

LOCAL DJs: Based in Squamish BC, Trax DJs has been serving Whistler and Vancouver venues for 15 years. Having a working relationship with key venues and staff is paramount in creating a seamless event. Distraught clients call us multiple times a year because they have hired a "non local" DJ whose car broke down or the road closed. There is a lot more to being a great DJ than just having some songs on a laptop or iPod and a couple of speakers. Experience in live entertainment, an extensive & expandible music library, experienced in planning and execution, the best in audio equipment, professionalism and local knowledge are all prerequisites for a great Trax DJ.